Monday, May 19, 2008

Thump Queen

I feel so out of touch! Not only have I not been blogging, I haven't been reading any of the riveting, inspiring, hilarious posts of any bloggers on my subscribe list. I miss ya'll! Last week I marathoned through reading my 'finished draft', and while a few things could be tweaked (and then tweaked some more), I'm relatively happy with it. I consider that VERY good news. Then, virtually the moment I was done with it, we were off to Sea World San Antonio for the weekend, and now we're back, but I've come down with something. I had my older son's Field Day all day today out on the playground at about 96 degrees, and tomorrow I'm a chaperone for my litte one's field trip. Hopefully I'm feeling a little bit better.

On the drive home from San Antonio, we detoured into Luling so my husband could 'introduce' me to some fantastic barbeque. Well, the place he intended to take me was closed, so we walked across the street, and had some pretty good barbeque at another little hole in the wall. The interesting thing about this little unplanned stop was the posters that were hanging in all the shop windows, urging you to vote for one girl or another as 'Thump Queen'. They were all wholseome high school girls posing with watermelon slices. Now I love watermelon considerably more than the next person, but I've never considered going out to hunker down in a field and hold a slab of watermelon up to my face in an attempt to win a seat in a parade. Then again, I grew up in Houston. Luling is somewhat of a watermelon town--they host an annual watermelon festival, and their water tower is painted like a watermelon. But 'Thump Queen'? Somehow it doesn't sound all that prestigious. More hillbilly. My husband did assure me that we were back at the end of June for the festival he'd write me in on the ballot. It's all I can ask for.


Sara Hantz said...

Hope you're feeling better. Sounds like you'r trip was fun.

Sarakastic said...

i agree thump queen doesn't sound like something you'd brag about thanks for the laughs

~Virginia~ said...

ah yes, The Watermelon Thump. i know it well. i was actually IN the watermelon thump parade one year when i was 14 or on a float. my cousin was the thump-queen equivalent of a nearby town and one of her princess-people was sick so i filled in. imagine!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I cannot BELIEVE all the things you've done...from working at Disney to sky-diving to being a thump-queen-lady-in-waiting! Such an exciting life!

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Dude, totally -- the Luling Watermelon Thump! We always drive through Luling on our way to the beach. Hee.

Anyway, CONGRATS on finishing your ms.! That's very exciting.