Saturday, August 26, 2006

Vacation Fantasies

I think maybe it's because I haven't had a vacation all summer that I can't stop dreaming about being somewhere else. Well that, and having had just about all I can take of scorching, humid weather. Although, today it's raining, so we're likely at a steamy 80 degrees. Anyway, whether it's the setting in books I'm reading, photo essays in magazines, movies, TV, or vicarious living through other lucky people, I'm positively yearning to be off somewhere, preferably someplace cool.

Before my sons were born, my husband and I went on our only really, totally loner vacation together. (Everything else had been wrapped around a visit to see family.) We flew into Seattle in October, rented a car, and took the ferry over to Orcas Island (and I discovered I adore ferries). We hiked, stayed in a bed and breakfast and relaxed before the ferry took off for Victoria, and later Vancouver Island where we stayed at the lovely, mysterious Whikaninnish Inn in Tofino (click the link to be wowed!), at the edge of Pacific Rim National Park. Beautiful and feel like you're at the tip of the world.

I digress...anyway, I've been dreaming of Vancouver and Washington State, Oregon, and Maine. I want some scenery. I want to wear a jacket, I want to experience fall weather. For those of you who don't live in Texas, we don't really have a fall. We barely have a winter. Many a Christmas Day has found me wearing shorts to go outside. Often we need the air-conditioner. It's just not right--for this part of the world.

I guess I'm stuck with just the rain and vicarious living for now.


Sara Hantz said...

You should take a trip to NZ - OMG parts of it are awesome. And so diverse! Think LOTR and some

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I would LOVE to travel to NZ!!! I was mesmerized by all the scenery in LOTR and amazed that all of that could be crammed into such a small little island.

That vacation is a bit tougher to plan/pay for though.