Monday, August 28, 2006


I got my hair highlighted yesterday. And today I'm trying to think of ways to fix it. I have only had my hair professionally highlighted one other time in my life (about eight years ago), and it basically just brightened up my natural color. As of today, I have my normal hair color (sort of a medium brown) interspersed with pale, pale blond streaks. I have absolutely no problem with this look--if it suits a person. It absolutely doesn't suit me.

The colorist asked me if I'd like the highlighting to stand out/be obvious (or some similar wording) or if I'd like it to blend. I remember that word specifically. I emphatically said, I'd like it to blend. By that I meant I'd like it to marry with my hair color. When I looked in the mirror for the first time, I saw these platinum strands scattered all over my head. How is that blending??? Using a food metaphor, I'd say I ordered salsa and got pico de gallo instead. And I have no idea what would be best to fix this. I'm wondering about a toner (recommended by my hair stylist), but I worry that'll lighten everything up too much and I'll be a blonde. I'm wondering about colored shampoos, but then question whether that'll undo the highlights completely. I'm at a loss, and it's making me very nervous.

I have only a week to figure this out, so if anyone has any ideas...I'd LOVE to hear them. If necessary, I could post a picture.


Amanda Brice said...

Oooh, that's tough! I'm so sorry! I've never had my hair highlighted, so I don't really know what to say. I know I wouldn't look right with blonde streaks.

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Eek! Terrible! I think color-depositing shampoo might help, but please don't hunt me down if it doesn't. :) AlTek (maybe AlTec?) makes a good one. Here in Austin you can buy it at the Beauty Store. I'm not sure what shade you'd need but your stylist or the lady at the store could probably help with that. Basically it'll kinda deposit a layer of thin dye over the brown and platinum parts, lifting the browns and partially covering the platinum but not so much that it covers it up completely.

Good luck!! I know how upsetting hair catastrophes can be. (Yet another reason to be a work-at-home writer, right??)

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Oops, got it wrong--it's ARTec. Should have looked it up before I posted!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I have an appointment to go back and try to fix things Friday. I'm crossing my fingers. For now, I'm just getting curious stares and side-long glances. (Not in a good way).