Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Nothing Out of the Ordinary

I feel like I'm in a smooth, comfortable rut. Everything is going fine (other than my hair--my husband has taken to calling me 'Freak Girl' and I can't say I object), I'm getting exercise, I'm not overly tired, overly worked, overly stressed. I'm writing, reading, and still getting everything done. But it seems as if nothing out of the ordinary is sparking my days. I'm not having any of those 'over-the-top' emotions. No fits of giggles, shocked gasps, horrified shivers, not even any anger. I'm just here, following the schedule, slowly, patiently getting things done.

Maybe the calm before the storm...

I finished reading 'The Origins of Fingerprinting'--really fascinating stuff, and couldn't help myself--moved on to Girls in Pants-The Third Summer of the Sisterhood. I love those quirky girls, and I'm really enjoying my third installment. Although part of me wishes I'd never seen the movie, because now I'm picturing the actresses, trying to reconcile their appearances with the changes the characters are going through. Next up is Twilight. In my over-eager zest for books, I had way too many checked out to read before the due dates. So I had to let Twilight go. Now it's back, and I'm just about ready. After that, I really need to buckle down and read a Jane Austen. I've been meaning to do that for forever and just gotten distracted by other books. And I call myself a devoted admirer...

I'm still off Coke and still studiously plugging along with my manuscript. Wait! Could Coke have been responsible for all my ups and downs? Is it the reason I'm flatlining now? Good grief, I hope not. I'm just getting the hang of things here.

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