Thursday, August 24, 2006

Paranormal Appeal & Josh Lanyon

I may be a little dense, but up until now I really didn't get the whole paranormal phenomenon. In fact, I wrote up a whole blog post about it that I've never posted. I simply didn't understand the appeal of all those creatures. I've been enlightened. Several writers speak up at Midnight Moon Cafe. Someday soon I'll need to give one a try.

Was also reading about Josh Lanyon, who after having his first two books in a mystery series published (admittedly by a non-traditional press), decided to self-publish his third. It's published through iUniverse and has gotten great reviews on Amazon, notably from Harriet Klausner (whose opinion I respect) and Midwest Book Review (ditto). When I stumble across books like this, I want to read them. I feel a connection with fellow self-pubs. My only trouble is that they're expensive to start with (in my frugal mind) and you can't get them discounted. So I really have to want them.

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