Friday, July 07, 2006

Still on hiatus...

My guests won't leave till Tuesday, so I'm still doodling around. However, I did manage to see Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest today--from the second row back. I thought I was going to get nauseous during the previews, but it all worked out okay, and I really enjoyed the movie. A couple of twenty-somethings a few seats down were giggling at everything Johnny Depp had to say, so I'm guessing they had a little bit of a crush on him, and I have to admit, he stole the show. Also saw some cool-looking previews. I'm really looking forward to A Night in the Museum with Ben Stiller (whom I love!) Oddly, I can't find a link to the official movie site yet, but it is supposed to come out at Christmas (this year, I think).

In other exciting news, I just discovered that there's to be a sequel to the delightful book The Little Lady Agency that I blogged on a while back. It's to be called Little Lady, Big Apple and will be released in the UK in July (that's the UK cover). I will eagerly anticipate its release here.

Also, I've finally picked up one of Carrie Bebris' series about the husband and wife sleuthing team of Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy--from Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice fame. I'm reading North by Northanger and really loving it. Ms. Bebris' writing is enchanting!

I'm also working in bits and pieces on my website design, trying to meld the Regency side of my writing with the contemporary romantic comedy side. We'll see how it goes...


Lucy said...

You couldn't know (and I probably shouldn't tell you) that I've been on a Pride and Prejudice obsession lately. I read the book two or three weeks ago (for the first time) and since that time I've seen at least three versions of the movie and both Bridget Jones' movies (which are "allegedly" modern day versions of Pride and Prejudice). And then last night, I was having dinner with a friend who told me she had a book titled Mr. Darcy's Daughters (by Elizabeth Aston) - and she brought it to me this morning.

Never mind that I bought four new books after dinner last night (which my friend knows...she was with me when I bought them), I want to read about Mr. Darcy's Daughters.

And NOW, I'm going to go look up Carrie Bebris because I don't know how I can survive another day without having the "follow-up" (for lack of a better word) books to Pride and Prejudice.

Not that I have a problem or anything. LOL

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Uh-huh. So then I guess you wouldn't want me to tell you about
Sally Smith O'Rourke's The Man Who Loved Jane Austen (a very good contemporary story with a historical/slightly paranormal twist), or Stephanie Barron's Jane Austen mystery series, or Jane Austen's Guide to Dating by Lauren Henderson(fascinating reading).

You're just getting started... ;)

Lucy said...

LOL you're a cruel woman Alyssa Goodnight! LOL

For the record, I did order the first two Darcy Mysteries last night (along with two other books people had "recommended" on their blogs but no, I really don't have a problem LOL).