Saturday, July 08, 2006

All I Can Say is...WOW!

We went to see The Lion King in the theater today, and I must say, it was wonderful! It was my in-laws' treat (they'd already seen it), and what a treat it was! I'd seen the pictures of Julie Taymor's costume design and heard the comments about how you don't even notice the people for the costumes, and I have to admit, if you trick your eyes a little and really focus on the animals' faces, it really is true. The costumes really portray the elegance of movement of the animals.

I won't deny that some of the costume details befuddled me (particularly the choices made for the lions and lionesses), and there was this part where leotarded couples were suspended from the ceiling doing a ballet number where I probably would have gone another way, but hey...I'm not complaining.

If you get a chance to go, I highly recommend it. It is a totally exciting and wonderful experience. And my kids (boys, 4 and 6) both really liked the characters, many of whom were funny, as well as the music.

The coffee table book is also totally cool...if you can't make the show.

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Lucy said...

All I've heard is rave reviews for it. It's on my list to go to, too. :o)

Glad you enjoyed it.