Sunday, May 08, 2011

Weekend Update

Friday afternoon, we headed down to Galveston and visited our favorite pizza spot for the first time since before the celiac diagnosis. It was soooo good. We have tried quite a few varieties of gluten free pizza, but the crusts just aren't the same: chewy and crispy at the same time. We savored.

GFB didn't have pizza. We stopped at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, his favorite restaurant and picked him up a burger + cheese slice to eat on a gluten free bun with all the greasy fries he could handle. Then he played Angry Birds while we ate...all in perfect harmony.

Then we hit the beach, which was breezy, a little chilly, and littered with sea weed.  I didn't even dip my feet in the water but PFB went all in and then shivered himself dry.  Then we buried him in the sand (naturally at his request), redipped him, and he shivered all over again.

Saturday was full to bursting with laundry, vacuuming, and baking with GFB.  And then we watched The Incredible Mr. Limpet, which we all found to be preposterously funny.

Mother's Day kicked off with a muffin-in-bed and a nearly toppled glass of orange juice (not my fault).  Then I opened my gifts from my boys.  A school made, framed poem and photo from PFB (9) and a card, which thanked me for giving birth to him in the first sentence and thanked me for feeding him pizza in the second, and a storebought bird feeder and seed from GFB (11...they are apparently too 'busy' to make anything for Mom in the 5th grade).  Evidently, a main selling point of this feeder was its resistance to squirrels.  There was actually a tiny artist's rendering of a squirrel falling to the ground in embarrassing defeat on the tag.  So when the first squirrel approached the feeder, all three boys (husband included) rushed to the window and hung on to see if it would meet a similar fate.  Rather disappointingly to all involved, it conceded the battle.  Live updates on The Squirrels vs. The Feeder here on this blog.

We went to my mom's house for lunch/early dinner and I opened a couple more gifts there, including a breadmaker, which my MIL told me she bought to 'make my life easier.'  I'm hoping I can easily adapt some of the bread machine recipes to gluten-free versions and hit on a winning sandwich/toast bread.  So far we've been unlucky.  Also received the BabyCakes cookbook from my Mom, which is full of interesting gluten-free recipes (many of which feature the questionable garbanzo bean/fava bean flour).  Things just might start to get interesting around here...

A very nice Mother's Day, all in all, and I didn't have to make any of the meals!  Hurray!
I hope all you moms had a great day!


Sarakastic said...

Note to self: mention pizza in next Mother's Day card.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sounds like you did it well there--keep us posted on the squirrels!