Sunday, January 09, 2011

Thank Goodness It's (Almost) Monday!

The best way, I think, to describe the weekend I had is painful.  Pair a 'get 'er done' Mom with an 'I can do it later' son, and throw in a science project, and it's simply inevitable.  My son's work strategy is as follows:

1.  Chug through one step in the process of finishing a science project due on Monday (this may take anywhere from 5-30 minutes).
2.  Breathe a sigh of relief.
3.  Congratulate oneself.
4.  Inform Mom that you're taking a 5-30 minute break, depending on what you think you can get away with.
5.  Indulge oneself in a well-deserved break.
6.  Repeat steps 1-5 about 50 times while Mom seethes with frustration.

My headache has been steadily building since Friday afternoon, and right now it's a colossus.  Luckily, the project was just finished (with just enough time to shower and brush teeth before bed), so I'm hoping the headache will start to subside any time now.

Two highlights:  The Doris Day movie my boys watched with me Friday night (a much-needed break from The Project), which they still got it, Doris! And Secretariat, which we saw at the dollar theater today because Grandma and Grandpa came down to visit.  Really good movie.  I recommend.  It probably would have been even better without the headache.


David Cranmer said...

I've never seen the Doris Day film but it looks like fun. Sharp poster.

I have many of these school projects to come don't I? Pass the Tylenol please.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Anything with Doris Day is lovely.
My son's homework gives me regular headaches, too. WHY must the school torture us?

Stacy said...

Hope you're feeling better today.

Kimberly Franklin said...

Poor you. I hope that headache subsides before the next round of homework arrives. :)

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Lots and lots, David. Some better than others. :)

No idea, Green Girl. Sometimes I want to conference with those teachers and say, "Really? Seriously?"

Thanks, Stacy!

Thanks for visiting (and following!), Kimberly!