Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ten Favorite Sleuths no particular order:

1. Flavia de Luce (Flavia de Luce mysteries by Alan Bradley)

2. Vish Puri (Vish Puri mysteries by Tarquin Hall)

3. Jade del Cameron (Jade del Cameron mysteries by Suzanne Aruda)...kind of a pattern here...

4. Patricia Anne and Mary Alice (Southern Sisters mysteries by Anne George)

5. Hercule Poirot (Hercule Poirot mysteries by Agatha Christie)

6. Lady Emily Hargreaves (Lady Emily mysteries by Tasha Alexander)

7. Lady Julia Grey (Lady Julia Grey novels by Deanna Raybourn)

8. Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie (Royal Spyness mysteries by Rhys Bowen)

9. Sherry Holmes Baldwin (created by Barrie Summy)

10. Theodosia Throckmorton (created by R. L. LaFevers)

Looking for a good mystery? Look no further.


Stacy said...

Did Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie's parents have the worst time trying to agree on her name?

Fun list. I've only read Flavia de Luce, Hercule Poirot, and Sherry Baldwin mysteries, but I've been curious about Tasha Alexander's books for a while now, and you got me curious about the Vish Puri mysteries.

David Cranmer said...

Many names here I don't know but one, Sherry Holmes Baldwin, my wife and I are big fans of. Great series.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, what a list! I'd only add Maisie Dobbs

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Stacy, she's thirty-fifth in line for the English throne (or somewhere thereabouts)...maybe they thought a longer name sounded more royal...

David, I heartily agree!

Green Girl, I am looking her up...

Al said...

great list!
I haven't read a couple so I'll have to hunt them out.