Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Movies: Old and New

I watched His Girl Friday for the first time Monday night, and while I really did enjoy it, it completely exhausted me. Could have been that I was exhausted already, given that I'd bowled, mini-golfed, and laser-tagged in the morning, but the movie wasn't the relaxing romantic comedy I was expecting. In fact, all of its rapid-fire banter reminded me a little of Gilmore Girls (also a little exhausting to watch--but worth it).

I also wasn't expecting to see Cary Grant playing the snake-charmer. I'm used to him being a little bit bumbling while pouring on the charm....Father Goose, To Catch a Thief, That Touch of Mink, Houseboat, North by Northwest...those are primo Cary Grant fare. In His Girl Friday, I can't say that I liked his character very much. He played the part to perfection, but I was ashamed of him for the way he treated Rosalind Russell, not to mention the way he handled his job as newspaper editor. I simply couldn't like him. Funnily enough, my favorite line from the movie was when Rosalind Russell told Cary Grant, "Walter, you're wonderful, in a loathesome sort of way." Perfect!

In other news, I saw Despicable Me yesterday with my kids and have decided that their Halloween costumes should be minion-ware.


David Cranmer said...

HIS GIRL FRIDAY was one of the first VHS (yes, I admitted my age) films I bought and remember liking it.

PS My UNLADYLIKE PURSUITS arrived. Looking forward to the read beginning soon.

Lucy said...

I saw His Girl Friday for the first time just the other day! I liked it but was aggravated because there were a couple spots where the DVD was messed up - including the last five minutes of the movie! Argh! I mean I knew what was going to happen (in theory anyway) but still. What if there'd been a surprise twist ending? I'd never know!

And you answered another question for me with this post. I have been meaning to email you about Gilmore Girls. I caught an episode on cable the other night and thoroughly enjoyed it and thought I recalled you liked the series (I wanted to confirm that). I've added it to my netflix lineup. :)

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Crossing my fingers, David! :)

Lucy, I'm definitely a fan of Gilmore Girls. Hope you enjoy it!
Oh, and I know all about the last five minutes cut-off. Our DVR tends to do that--drives me CRAZY.

Teenage Bride said...

Wow you just reminded me how much I miss Gilmore Girls. I think it is time for a Gilmore Girls marathon, bring on the popcorn and comfy sweats!!!!!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I'd be right there with you, Jill, if I had a weekend to myself. :)