Friday, May 14, 2010

Wanted: Advice from Cool People

Last year I collected all the photos and video I had of each of the boys' classes and created a little end-of-year video for each, set to music. Both classes watched it during their end of year party. It's that time of year again, and I'm on the hunt for a soundtrack (or two). Here are some of the songs under consideration:

Dancin' in the Streets...Billy Idol

Heatwave...Martha and the Vandellas

You Make My Dreams Come True...Hall and Oates *recently rediscovered via 500 Days of Summer

Here are a couple that were considered but rejected

Celebration ...Kool & The Gang *gotta love it, but it's overdone

YMCA ...The Village People *ditto

I'm So Excited ...The Pointer Sisters *maybe a little inappropriate

I Will Survive...Gloria Gaynor *more for me than them

I feel that--just maybe--I need to fast-forward things twenty or thirty years. Any suggestions for age appropriate spunky dance music??

Last year, I used a series of Disney Mania songs like When You Wish Upon a Star and Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride. If that helps.


David Cranmer said...

Not cool on this end and most of my songs stop short in the 1980s. "Glory Days" by Springsteen?

s + b said...

hmmm maybe some summery songs by jason mraz or jack johnson? hope that helps.

you are a great mom, i am definitely going to make those videos for my kids when they're in school - what a wonderful thing to do!

Beth said...

Not cool enough - sorry! ;)
And my kids are of a different musical generation. But best of luck!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...


Alyssa Goodnight said...

Thanks for the recommendations!

And how sweet, s+b! Thank you!