Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Update

As I wait and hope for my second book to fall into the hands of a publisher who loves it, and wants to lavish publicity money on it, I am slowly getting entrenched in the writing of number three. Very slowly. I mentioned that I did a lot of pre-planning and brainstorming for this book. (Well, a lot for me), but it hasn't necessarily made the writing easier. It may very well eliminate the need for so much re-writing (please, please, please), but so far, I'm just wading in, getting a feel for things, slowly spreading my writing wings once again as I get to know these new characters and their unique world.

I wonder if every book will be like this or if one day, a new story will just write itself, each word slipping down through my nerves, from brain to fingers, right onto the page. Wouldn't that be nice.

Until then I'm plodding and hoping.


Stacy said...

Your agent is right; you'll get there. :)

What is your gut reaction to the proposed changes? As long as you trust your instincts as you revise, you'll have a better book.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Feeling your pain as my MS got the same response when my agent shopped it around. Trouble is, writing is SO subjective! Make the tweaks that you believe in, but in all honesty, I think the right "fit" will come when someone reads it and falls in love with it. And that WILL happen!

Anonymous said...
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Beth said...

I think you’re more than half-way there!
And while doing the edits, it always helps to be working on (or making rough notes about) something else so that you don’t fret as much about the baby that has left the nest!

Angie and Brian said...

How frustrating. You writers are made of tough stuff. Want me to read it (hint, hint) and give you my expert opinion?

Angie and Brian said...

Oh, and everytime I see McIntosh and Otis, I think I'm seeing Milo and Otis.