Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Utter Hodge-Podge

Memorable quotes from yesterday:

A dad to a group of boys playing basketball on the playground after school.

"No kicking or hitting each other--that's what girls do."


My husband said, "So, did all the girls on the playground start hitting him and kicking him for saying that?"

My son while trying to convince me to let him play video games before doing his homework... (it's slightly abridged, otherwise it'd be an entire paragraph)

"But I had a really hard day today. We get table points and the teacher said 10 pts to the table who gets quiet first, so I said, 'Hey guys, 10 pts!' But Brianna and Alex were arguing over who was better, fairies or mermaids."

I'm even laughing as I write this.

My husband says, "Everyone knows that mermaids are better." I looked at him oddly and he whispered to me, "They're topless."

And a great (addictive) website from my mom...


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Heh. Mermaids.
I'd have laughed at that dad, and then showed him how a girl kicks! My husband says, "no whining--that's what girls do," and I always take exception to that!

Stacy said...

Did you wish that you brought Sarakastic with you to the playground? She could have showed that dad a thing or two about kicking.

Kelly said...

ok that is the funniest thing I have heard in a month about the mermaids...Leave it to a males thought process!