Thursday, February 11, 2010

[insert Olympics theme here]

I'm psyched! I am so ready for the Olympics to start up! Sadly, I will miss the Opening Ceremonies tomorrow night as I am invited to a Pampered Chef party and actually do want to attend. I'll have to have the Ceremonies recorded for my viewing pleasure, which is not ideal but workable.

I love, love, love the Olympics. I love the theme song, the pageantry, the competition, the patriotic feelings it inspires--even the athletes' profiles. And I admit to having a small crush on Apolo Anton Ono. Very small.

My mom sent me this link of photographs chronicling the passing of the Olympic torch across miles and miles (and miles) of Canada. Truly amazing. Kinda makes you realize just how big Canada really is...and how relieved to not be one of the torch bearers braving that outrageously cold, cold weather. It truly is amazing all the ways they carried that torch! I think my fave pictures are #13 and #15...and #29. And let me tell you, I've been on that Capilano Suspension Bridge--little bit scary.

Go U.S.A. and good luck to all Olympians! I don't want to hear about any steroid usage this time around--and I mean it!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I know--I always enjoy the inspiring stories about the athletes, but also learning more about the country hosting the event. It's the ultimate geography lesson!

Stacy said...

It's Olympics time again, already? (Yes, I do live under a rock. There is no TV under my rock.)

Hope you enjoy your Pampered Chef party!

s + b said...

i love the opening ceremonies too... seeing all those countries come together is just so neat. almost always makes me tear up a little :)

Sandy C said...

i can't wait to watch women's figure skating! that's what i look forward to the most in the winter olympics! btw, thanks so much for visiting my blog! =)