Friday, July 24, 2009

Life Predictions and Afternoon Tea

In the interest of keeping my kids busy and not hanging on the dog and running rampant through the house, today's little project was a mini essay on what they thought they'd be doing when they were my age (37, in case you're wondering). I'm delighted to report that the older wants to be President and have a puppy, and the younger will be living in Japan, 'with the training of a ninja', along with his sidekick, the fire skink (a recent Petco discovery). Maternal pride is just oozing out of me.

My own little project this afternoon was making these blueberry muffins--they smell soooo good cooling that I'm having trouble waiting the requisite 15 minutes post-baking time.
Rather than my semi-standard afternoon Dr. Pepper, I whipped up an iced chai tea with vanilla soy milk--pretty tasty. I'm hoping to enjoy both tea and muffin with my latest library catch, The Finishing Touches by Hester Browne before trekking back to the Sportsplex for yet another baseball game this evening.


Sarakastic said...

Presidents always have dogs so there ya go, although the training of a ninja won me over.

David Cranmer said...

First let me say the muffins look scrumptious. My wife and I have been enjoying a cake--one that we have embarrassingly finished off in practically a day’s time. Oh, and I’m with the younger in traveling to Japan for ninja training. Very cool indeed.