Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have just finished a lovely, light, summery read, and so, of course, I must tell you about it. It is titled Mr. Malcolm's List, and it is authored by Suzanne Allain and independently published by LeMoyne House. I have a bit of prior experience with Ms. Allain's writing, and having loved her first book, Incognito, decided I must have her second. It was delivered from Amazon last week.

Far from being disappointed, I was delighted. This second book, like the first, draws a good bit of its charm from character confusion, whether it be mistaken identities, misinterpretation or simple misdeeds. It is Austen-esque in its clever storyline and well-drawn characters, but it is unencumbered by the heaviness that sometimes accompanies Ms. Austen's work. Mr. Malcolm's List is a romantic comedy of errors, or as Ms. Allain puts it, "A Farce of Historic Proportions".

When you're feeling the pull of Regency England, lay back on your retiring couch with a spot of tea and Mr. Malcolm's List. I promise you a lovely afternoon.


Keri Mikulski said...

Sounds like a good summer read. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

Beck said...

So I should lay back and think of Regency England, then? Hee!
It sounds like a lovely read!

Suzy said...

Thanks so much for your lovely review! I'm so pleased that you enjoyed MR. MALCOLM'S LIST.

Maybe I should start reviewing books on my blog. It was supposed to be a publishing/writing blog but I've run out of inspiration after about 5 posts. For some reason the publishing industry just doesn't inspire me. :)

All the best,


Rosemary said...

Sound like a great summer read 2009!
Thanks for the recommendation:)

And you can visit me if I visit you:)


Elyse said...

I love everything English, so I cannot wait to read this book! I admit to reading those extremely cheesy, historical romance novels set in Victorian England. So, yeah, I'd say that reading this book would be a step up for me :) Thanks for the recommendation!

Kate Diamond said...

Ooh. Perhaps I should have tea and scones as I read?

Eileen said...

ooh this does sound lovely.

Leslie said...

Thanks for your comment on my Hummingbird cake. It is soooo yummy