Thursday, July 31, 2008

Star Wars Onesies

A good friend of mine is about to have her third child, a boy. And since both of her boys (and both of my own) are HUGE Star Wars fans, I thought it would be cute to buy a pack of onesies--Gerber Organic from Target--and iron-on some humorous Star Wars sayings.

I don't know if any readers of this blog are Star Wars fans, or even all that familiar with the saga, but in case you are...please let me know what you think. (I got a few of these ideas from a couple of shops on Etsy).

1. Who's Your Daddy? (Complete with a picture of Darth Vader)

2. The Force is Strong with Me

3. Padawan Learner (or Youngling, as was suggested by my older son)

4. Storm Pooper (a little crass, but poop is pretty open for discussion when you're a baby)

5. Mini Clone

6. Laugh it up, Fuzzball! (from my sister)

And last but not least...

7. Tit Droid (my husband came up with this one and then dissolved into laughter)

I'm talking any and all suggestions.


Liza said...

I love the idea of Star Wars Onesies! I've been a huge fan of Star Wars all my life. I especially love "Laugh it up fuzzball".

Sarakastic said...

Storm pooper is pure genius!

Barbara Martin said...

Number 4 is perfect for young children as they seem fixated on that topic as far as humour goes.

Packsaddle said...

"I have been to the Dark Side....and it is filled with amniotic fluid."

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Your comments are starting to rival Sarakastic's for sheer comedic genius!