Friday, July 18, 2008

Experiment: Phase 1

Today I prepped my first recipe from Apples for Jam. I started in the 'Orange' section with Mango Sorbet, and as we speak, the chopped mangoes are marrying flavors with some lime zest, fresh-squeezed lime juice and sugar. Having licked the spoon, I can tell you it's yummy so far. Tomorrow, I'll have to puree it and then swirl it through the ice cream maker for the ultimate taste test. After this, I'll have to try something a little more difficult, a more in-depth recipe. For this one all I had to do was chop some mangoes, zest some limes, squeeze some juice, and stir it all together with a half cup of sugar.

The mangoes are tricky with those big flat pits splayed across the whole fruit, but I did the best I could and then, with my brave little one who was a little nervous about the prospect, sucked the remaining fruit from the pits. One of the little anecdotes in Apples for Jam was how the author used to do the same and then really clean the pit before claiming it as a pet and brushing its downy mane of hair. My son just wants to plant all the pits so we'll be surrounded by a mango forest and have the fruit anytime we wish. I find I'm liking them more and more with their lush fruity flavor and slightly floral aroma.

And now, back to playing Clone Commander with my son as we're off to explore the Star Wars galaxies.


Packsaddle said...

Good luck, Princess Lea!

Sarakastic said...

I love mangoes but I can't cut them properly so I always feel like I'm wasting a lot of fruit & then I feel guilty & it just makes a big emotional mess.