Saturday, July 19, 2008

Collected Thoughts

Today I have no thoughts of my own, so I'm quoting or directing you to the thoughts of others.

On her Squeetus blog, Shannon Hale offers up a list of things you must love in order to be a writer, and I think she hits it dead-on:

Things You Must Love In Order to Be a Writer:

- People
- Words
- Ideas
- Sounds
- Smells
- Stories
- Complications
- Connections
- Serendipity
- Silence
- History
- Flaws
- Details

(Although I think I might like the differences in people more than people as a general catch-all term.)

J.A.Konrath shares How Not To Start A Story on A Newbie's Guide to Publishing, but all due respect, each rule as probably been, at some time or other, broken by a truly awesome book. That would actually be an interesting experiment, to take this list and try to disprove it. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

And on Pub Rants, Kristin Nelson is outlining Beginning Writer Mistakes. A very good checklist.

Go out and absorb.


Packsaddle said...

I agree with you, Ms. Goodnight.

Although there may be some good suggestions, ultimately, there are no rules.

(you have my permission to quote that at Pulitzer Prize parties)

Stephanie J said...

Breaking rules is usually the most fun! Or so I've heard. Or maybe experienced. :)

I like the list of what you must love to be a writer. I completely agree with you about differences in people...isn't this why people-watching at airports is so fascinating? The fact that we are all so much alike and can relate to experiences and yet how we're so different is really something that needs to drive you as a writer.

Kelly Krysten said...

The Beginning Writer Mistakes blog is pretty scary. It makes me analyze everything I've written over and over again to be sure I haven't done them!lol.
Also, I love the things you must love to be a writer, though I may disagree with a few of them. Shannon Hale is so awesome!

MTS said...

That is a great list, and I definitely agree. Without loving those things, it doesn't leave someone much to write about. Great blog! I'll be back to read more...