Monday, March 05, 2007

The Prestige

This weekend, I saw The of three hundred and some DVD's my in-laws happen to own (hard to believe, huh?). I have a vague memory of seeing a couple of previews for this movie but really knew nothing about it. I didn't even read the little blurb. (Side note: lately I can't be bothered to read the blurb. I used to devour them and base my purchases on the cover and the blurb. Now, I buy based on recommendations or hype I've read...and of course the cover). So, I had absolutely no idea what the movie was about or where it was going.)

Turns out I really enjoyed it. It was extremely well done, with lots of twists and turns. There was one part though that bothered me, and I just couldn't get over it. Having gotten the idea from Diana Peterfreund to white out spoiler info, I'm doing that here:

I was just unable to get past the part about the electricity machine that effectively cloned one of the magicians. It was simply unbelievable for me and skewed the whole movie. Anyone else have this reaction?

I would still recommend the movie. Just know going into it that there's a little bit of quirkiness at work here. The movie was based on the book by Christopher Priest, which I suspect was really quite wonderful.


Annie said...

Actually, I think the spoiler you white-texted was perhaps one of the reasons I liked the movie. It kind of broke my heart to see the secrets to the various tricks... so I enjoyed having something to "believe" in, no matter how implausible it seemd. If that makes any sense whatsoever.

But I thought the movie was awesome and am so glad you enjoyed it.

Beck said...

Ack! It's not whited out in bloglines!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

So sorry, Beck! Hope that doesn't spoil it for you!

kathrynoh said...

I was about to say that about bloglines too, but you gave prior warning.

I haven't seen the film - it played at the little cinema down the street from me but I missed it there. Must check it out.

lacey kaye said...

OMG I totally saw this movie and LOVED IT. Now, I have to say the thing you whited out was something I kept waiting to hear wasn't what it appeared to be; in that we're agreed. But, like Annie, I thought it was part of the fun.

And now I've confused myself. Crap. There was this other reason why I thought it wasn't what it seemed, and without getting all into it and ruining the movie I can't try and remember the order of events that would clarify my memory. Argh!!

Always fun to have a new blog friend :-)

Katkat said...

I haven't seem it yet, but i heard it was good.

Catherine Avril Morris said...

I rented that the other day and tried to watch it, and the sound was so messed up I gave up after about 20 mins. I reallllly wanna see it though. It looks so good.

In fact, maybe that's my evening activity, right there. Hope I don't pull the same copy off the shelf at the video store!