Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things My Boys Have Taught Me

1. A new dance move is big news.

2. It's just as funny the twelfth time as it is the first time.

3. 'What did I just say?' is the cleverest response to 'What did I just say?'

4. Smiles and hugs, judiciously offered, can be 'Get Out of Trouble Free' cards.

5. The right words to a song are the ones they think of first.

6. Nothing is too preposterous to try once...and then a second and third time.

7. Selective hearing is a family trait.

8. It's not enough to answer the call, 'Mom!' with 'What?'--you must turn and look too.

9. Quantity isn't long as they get 'just one more'.

10. When I die, my sons can go to the zoo anytime they want.

11. They can use hugs as bargaining chips, but they expect me to use candy.

12. It's okay to be a marshmallow as long as you talk tough.

13. I have the best job in the world...just not enough time off.

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Christine said...

These are so true! I love number 8. I don't know how many times turning around has revealed the best surprise. It usually involves mud or glue.

Beck said...

Fun list! My boy has taught me that if he yells "MOM!" in a certain urgent tone of voice, I'd best come running.

Annie said...

What a fun list, Alyssa! It sounds like a very entertaining household there!

Happy TT!

Katkat said...

Oh boy, I can't wait til my son is older. lol

The Madison Wilson's said...

Great Thursay 13. I loved your story about Mr. Pilotman...that was cute. I have a three year old I can't wait til he is your sons age. Check out my blog.

Swishy said...

No. 3 ... LOL. Don't you love smart-alecky kids?

Kelly Parra said...

Really great, Alyssa!