Friday, September 01, 2006

The Lure of E-books

I've been wondering about e-book readers for a long time. You hear about the e-book revolution (on a small scale), but I've never even actually held a reader before. I've bought a couple of ebooks when I was converting my own book into e-book format--just to make sure I got everything right. And I read a few pages just sitting at the computer, but when I read I like to get really comfortable. Usually I'm lying down or cuddled into a comfy chair. My ergonomic office chair doesn't really set the mood. So...I've been considering asking for an ebook reader for Christmas. That will entail a trip to Fry's (or the like) to examine and test out a whole slew of them, but I think in the long run, I could really get used to having one.

Don't get me wrong--I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have tangible (paperback!) books in my hands and on my shelves, but there are great arguments to reading e-books as well. One of which is all these books from small presses that either don't make it into print or look slightly odd when they do. I admit it! I need a great cover. I'm one of those 'judge a book by its cover' people. And I'm rarely wrong--I know what I like. But...WITH NOTABLE EXCEPTIONS...I don't like many small press covers. They just look weird to me. But with an ebook reader, the covers are sort of superfluous, which works out perfectly.

One e-book I'd love to read, and I probably could read it on the computer simply because it's only 14 pages, is Amanda Brice's She's Got Legs. It's gotten great reviews, and Amanda has a very funny outlook on life. I love discovering new authors, and particularly love finding them right at the beginning of great careers. I think Ms. Brice is one of these, so check her out before goes big! (And the cover passes muster too).


Carla said...

Another great thing about e-books is that they're available all over the world with one click. I keep hearing about books from friends in the US that I find I can't easily get on my side of the Pond, and they hear about books published by independents over here (e.g. Robert Hale, who do a lot of historical romances) that are either impossible to get in the States or outrageously expensive. It gets very frustrating.

Sara Hantz said...

I've never wanted to buy an e-book because, like you, I love curling up with a book!

The only time I read on screen is when critting for people - and that's totally different because I'm not reading for pleasure.

And I LOVE the feel of new books... nothing quite like it!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

That is a great advantage, Carla--didn't think of that. I'm not so savvy that I know all about what's going on the other side(s) of the publishing pond. ;)

And Sara, I love that feeling too! I find myself just staring at newly purchased books, smoothing my hands over the covers.

Sara Hantz said...

OMG that's exactly what I do - run my hands over the cover..... and in book shops just stand there staring at them all.

Amanda Brice said...

I've found so many great authors from ebooks who are not yet in print for whatever reason. I still prefer the feel of an actual print book, but epub is a trend that is not going away.

Glad to hear you think I'll make it big some day! You too, my dear. You too!