Sunday, September 24, 2006

Day Seven

This was basically a day off. With church, a headache, a much-needed nap, and the only bit of reading I've done in almost a week, I only managed 6 pages.

But I'm ready to go for tomorrow. The part I'm working on now is causing me a bit of trouble. I can feel myself over-thinking it. So tomorrow, I'm going to try to skip to the end and write the ending. We'll see how that works.

Hard to envision another week of this, but I'm really going to try... My husband is ready for it to be over!

Total page count: 88 pages.


Swishy said...

Only six pages. ONLY. Listen to you. You're doing great!

Trish Ryan said...'s a little inspiration I thought of when reading your posts from last week:

Remember how inexpensive media mail was when you sent those books to Iraq??? How excited will you be when you walk back into the post office with boxes full of YOUR books that you're sending out to friends, family, collectors demanding signed first editions, celebrities who made their assistants stay up all night tracking you down so they could have first dibs on film rights...

It will be FABULOUS. And all you have to do to make that media mail dream come true is 6 pages today. And tomorrow. (And between now and then I'll come up with a new way the post office holds the key to the life you long for...)

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Thanks you guys for still stopping by (and cheering me on!) when these are likely the most BORING posts you've seen in quite some time.

I feel great to be getting so many pages done, but I also feel sort of separated from the world...I'm barely even reading any blogs. Just when I need an break every now and then.