Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Books for the Troops

As discovered on Trish Ryan's blog...who stumbled over it on JA Konrath's blog...
Evidently America's troops over in Iraq are in dire need of entertainment. Konrath has a friend over there and would like to inundate his base with books. To encourage participation, he's offering a prize for the person who sends the most books over.

I got to thinking...I'm a self-published author, with plenty of books on hand. I'll send a bunch. But then I thought, How many copies of the same book could they need over there? and then, How many romance readers are stationed over there? Of course there are some, but well, who knows?

I'm definitely planning on sending some copies. Just have to decide how many. I'm going to try to pick through my keepers and add a few others in too, but wouldn't you know it...they're romances too!

Here's the address of Kornrath's buddy:

SFC Douglas Hansen
C Co / 163 MI Bn
COB Speicher
APO AE 09393

Checked with the post office: if you're only sending books, you can ship them 'Media Mail' and it will be much cheaper. Also, according to Konrath, postage is charged at the domestic shipping rate, and the military takes care of the rest.

So no excuses! Ship some books over there!


Amanda Brice said...

What a fantastic idea! I know what my blog post will be about tomorrow...

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Awesome. Thank you for the info and the address, and for putting this idea in our heads!

Trish Ryan said...

I'm quite certain that the title "Unladylike Pursuits" will be warmly received by a bunch of lonely soldiers in the desert!

And then when they discover it's a real romance, they can hand it over to their female colleagues. EVERYBODY WINS!