Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Library Day!

Today was Library Day! I LOVE Library Day! Even when I'm not getting anything for myself, I love going in and picking out some new books to read to my sons. I love carrying around that glossy stack of books...so much potential for memorable characters, fascinating storylines, and outstanding voices. So much to study as a writer.

Well today was more fun--I got some books for myself. Basically I've devised a strategy. I buy the new releases from my RWA chapter members, and I buy my favorite authors, and I buy books I've heard/read really great things about...as long as they're in paperback. I don't buy hardback books. I tend to do most of my reading lying down and a hardback is just too hard to hold up with one hand and the spine pokes rather uncomfortably into my stomach). What I do is get them from the library. I put a hold on them, sometimes while they're still on order. Then if I really enjoy them and think I'll re-read, I buy them in paperback when they're released that way.

Today I checked out Secret Society Girl by Diana Peterfreund (sorry, Diana...hardback), Do They Wear High Heels in Heaven? by Erica Orloff (an author I've never read, but heard good things about), and Fingerprints The Origin of Crime Detection and the Murder Case That Launched Forensic Science by Colin Beavan. I'm just interested...

So now the books I've actually purchased will have to wait while I hurry through those that are due in two weeks. I also have Donald Maass's Writing the Breakout Novel on hold. It's in transit from another library, and I think I'm lucky not to have it. This way I can read the pleasure books first with no guilt.

Sometimes it's great to live in a big city--the libraries are priceless gems.


Sara Hantz said...

So glad you managed to track down the Donald Maass - can't wait to hear what you think

kathrynoh said...

You are so lucky. The books at my local library look like they all come out of the ark or something!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I totally appreciate how lucky I am! My local library was pretty good, but then I discovered I could get a Houston Public Library card (free!) and then the book world was my oyster!

I totally feel for you, Kathryn.

Amanda Brice said...

I love that my library has such a huge selection of both fun books and writing books. Yay Arlington (VA) Public Library!

Kimberly said...

I have a huge love for Library Day as well.

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