Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The New Grease

My sister and her girls came to visit a couple of weeks ago and they brought the CD to High School Musical with them. Very catchy, very fun--my boys loved it and were singing right along and doing their own dance moves (particularly to the basketball-themed, Get Your Head in the Game). Anyway, I was told that this Disney made-for-TV movie was the 'New Grease' and veeery popular with the pre-teen set. My niece just turned eleven.

Well, Monday night, I was watching TV with my husband, and as he was perusing the guide, we saw that the movie was playing. So we watched. It was totally fun. A little silly, a little unbelievable in parts. But I was so willing to suspend my disbelief for those kooky kids. It brought back great memories of high school, and we even DVR'd it so my boys could maybe learn some of the dance moves. I love a musical and wish that movie style/genre would come back into popularity. Mike Myers is certainly doing his part with Austin Powers and Shrek, but I'd really like to see more.

Highly recommended!

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