Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lazy Saturday

Well, so far my plan has totally and completely backfired. I have not yet had my fifteen minutes of writing and it may not happen today. I have a couple of good snatches of time with two little boys, and when I miss them, writing is often elusive. This afternoon (when I thought I'd have use of the computer to husband monopolized the computer for hours), and now, as I'm blogging, I could maybe squeeze in the fifteen, but I'm not in my 'zone'. Besides, the boys (any of them, including my husband) could walk in at any time and demand assistance with something, assuring me that I'm the only person in the house able to complete such a task. You know, the toughies, like finding a battery, feeding the dog, getting juice, you name it. And I really don't like to write late at night. I get caught up and don't come to bed until really late and then I'm exhausted when my six-year-old pounces on me at 7:30 (like clockwork) the next morning. I'm gonna try, but it may not be until tomorrow that my writing gets any attention. And so it begins... (by 'it' I mean the procrastination)

On the up side...I'm getting a lot of reading done...

For something fun , check out these Chickollages--chick-lit themed poetry created out of chopped up magazine articles. I think they're really clever, and the creator/artist is crafting her ideas into a new business, selling t-shirts and gift items through CafePress. Very cool.

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