Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm baaack!

Whew! I've started working on my manuscript again, and it feels really good. I put it off for about two weeks with visitors, the holiday, and just general not-readiness, and it was kinda hard to get back into the groove. My little one, who's four, doesn't really get the concept of 'By Yourself Time' yet. He has a choice of a nap or the BY time, and I can tell it's going to take some getting used to. I get regular interruptions: requests for coloring help, computer assistance, punishment for his brother, you name it. But a little at a time. If I can just get myself to work on my writing everyday, maybe I'll make a dent before too long. Usually I skip the weekends, but I shouldn't. Then I get a little out of the mindset and have to get back in come Monday. I think I'll try just fifteen or thirty minutes and see how I do.

Plus...I want to get some reading in this weekend too. Currently reading Incognito (from a previous post) and on my TBR pile is Dead Reckoning (the recent release of a fellow RWA chapter member Sandra K. Moore), Cheating at Solitaire (by an author I just discovered, Ally Carter), and Dress Rehearsal by Jennifer O'Connell. The last two were bargain books at great prices! I'm interested to read both because both authors are represented by Kristen Nelson, an agent I respect very much. I'd like to see what caught her eye and the sort of writing she fell in love with.


Lucy said...

Well, I LOVED Sandra's book (see newsletter or webpage or B&N or for review :-) ).

As for Jennifer O'Connell's book...I've read all three of her books (and would buy her again without hesitation) and of them, Dress Rehearsal was my least favorite. It was cute and definitely had some funny scenes in it (I like the way she writes/tells a story) but there was one aspect that disappointed me and it tainted the story for me somewhat. Off the Record was my favorite of her books with Bachelorette #1 a close second. :-)

Haven't read Cheating at Solitaire but I have this strong pull (not that I have a problem or anything) to check it out now.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

You do have a problem, Lucy! But one I have myself, so I really shouldn't judge...

I've been reading Ally Carter's blog and been very entertained (even added her to my blog links), and I've heard many good reviews of Cheating at Solitaire, so I'm very optimistic.