Thursday, June 29, 2006

Harry Potter just can’t get a break...

I can’t believe she’s considering it, but evidently J.K. Rowling, wildly successful, and I think, superbly creative author of the Harry Potter books, just might be considering killing Harry off in the seventh and final book of the series. How can she do this to Harry? He’s a loveable underdog and hero of so many kids (and adults) around the world. These kids, who have diligently purchased and read and reread and discussed all six hefty tomes thus far, are going to be thus disappointed come book seven? Even if He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named perishes alongside Harry and the evil followers shrivel into nothingness, that will not be an acceptable trade. Rowling says she understands how someone might kill off the main character in a popular series to prevent unauthorized sequels and storylines, but doesn’t she think we’ll all know the difference? I say let the hangers-on do their best (or worst) to try to keep up with Harry’s life.

After all, Jane Austen and her characters have inspired countless new storylines, sequels, and off-shoots. And all that’s happened is that Jane herself is more popular than ever.

I say, let the poor boy live!

Read the article, see an interview clip here

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