Sunday, June 25, 2006

Can you hear me now?

Is anybody actually reading this blog? I have grand imaginings that I have oodles of readers poring over my spotty but thought-provoking entries, too in awe or overwhelmed to comment. But then my pragmatic self takes over and I wonder if I have more than a single, occasional reader (check the comment logs for past blogs).

Maybe nobody is reading this, and maybe blogging is a time drain, but I like it anyway. Sure days go by and I forget to post, but then I think of three or four topics I’d like to expound upon. I can rant, rave, whatever, and pretend that my voice is being heard. True, I should probably be writing, but hey, this is writing.

I’m slowly working my way through Self Editing for Fiction Writers, and I have to admit it’s good, but mostly I’m just going, ‘Yeah, I knew that'. That said, it’s nice to have it repeated, because I just can’t seem to get these tips ingrained into my subconscious. I’m a revision freak. I should write my first draft, all the way to the end, without stopping for revisions, but I don’t. I shouldn’t give in to that little voice in my head that says, ‘What if the heroine had this little quirky habit?’, but I do. I shouldn’t rethink, rework, and rewrite my first chapter a kazillion times, but I can’t help myself. That first line, first paragraph, first page is sooooo important, I want it to be great, funny, intriguing, inspiring. No wonder my work in progress is not making all that much noticeable progress.

Another summer project...I’m scoping out websites to get ideas and see what I like to redesign my own site. So any suggestions would be great. I’m looking for a clean, fresh, updated look that could work for contemporary romantic comedy or light-hearted historicals.

Come on….speak up! I can’t hear you…


Lucy said...

I may not comment every day but I stop by every day. :-)

Alyssa Goodnight said...

So the count is officially at one! ;)
Thanks, Lucy!
(Looks like I may have to step up my blogging if you're actually looking everyday...)

Lucy said...

I do look every day. You're on my official daily blog cycle - most days I stop by multiple times. :-)