Friday, April 28, 2006

Too Much Information

I have to admit to being a little concerned. I may not be going to the RWA National conference this year, but that doesn’t stop me from checking up on which agents and editors are accepting appointments and what genres they are looking to represent and publish, respectively. Well everybody seems to want erotica, paranormal, and romantic suspense. I don’t write any of that. I figure I could conceivably classify my work-in-progress as single title, chick-lit, or women’s fiction, and it doesn’t seem as if any of those genres are very popular at this go-round. And the breakdown of who is interested in these genres seems weighted much more heavily on the agent side. So either the editors showing up for National aren’t representative of the bunch or the agents aren’t in sync with the editors. This may mean nothing, but I can’t help that it worries me a little. When you’re plugging along on your manuscript, you want to see a strong, steady market for the style and genre you’ve chosen. You don’t want to slave away, only to finish and have the people ‘in the know’ tell you that the market is flooded and they’re looking for the next hot thing... .And yet, I will continue to keep plugging along. Maybe I’ll find a way to add a vampire neighbor, a racy co-worker who wants to trade sex stories, or a crazed stalker. Maybe all three… The trouble is, by the time I add all of that, they’ll be looking for something else. Que será será, I suppose.

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