Monday, June 06, 2005

Casual Barefoot

Well I'm gonna nix that Peterson idea since my computer glamour can be summed up as "casual barefoot". I'm certainly not wearing anything worthy of a cosmopolitan anecdote. A blurb might go something like this...

Spotted with playdough polka-dots in neon pink, teal, and orange, finger-printed with strawberry stains from a juicy lunch, and streaked with sandy dirt from a scamper in the park, Alyssa's white knit tank top remained stylish (just barely) and cool, newly accented with the color of her day.

Saw Madagascar today with the boys and Grandma (in-law). I think I liked it more than either of the boys did. I loved King Julien, and Ben Stiller is one of my favorites. I think he makes a great leading man for a romantic comedy. And we will most definitely be getting the soundtrack. I can see us doing alot of dancing to "Move-It".

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