Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Because of Winn-Dixie

I bought this book (and the companion stuffed dog) for my niece for her tenth birthday, but was told by her mother that she'd not only seen the movie but had read and owned the book as well. I had planned to return the book to the store, but then started reading it in a few spare moments here and there. And now I'm hooked.

I just finished the part where India Opal asks her father to tell her ten things about her mother, and I really liked the idea of that. And although it would have been more interesting to have someone else size me up, no one else was available, so the task was left to me...

10 Things About Me That I'm Willing To Let Go Public
  1. I'm now a self-proclaimed, self-published romance author, but once upon a time, I worked as a product engineer testing microcontrollers.

  2. I love books--reading them, writing them, owning them, browsing through them--and a book's cover is a major deciding factor for me.
  3. I adore desserts but am generally too cheap to splurge on them in restaurants. At home, you can have an entire pan of brownies for $2.50.
  4. Seinfeld was (and still is) comic genius. I still laugh uproariously at lines I've heard many, many times.
  5. I have two little boys who make me laugh every day over the silliest, simplest things.
  6. I love reproduction vintage stuff. I'm just a little squeamish knowing that a stranger has owned/touched/used/slept under something I own. I don't like hotels much.
  7. Every once in a while, I like a little splurge.
  8. I abhor the smell of cigarettes and the selfish behavior of many smokers.
  9. I think reality shows are ridiculous, and in general, I'd choose books over TV or movies.
  10. Romance is irresistible. It's silly that people swarm to romantic comedies at the theaters but then pretend romance novels don't interest them. There is nothing wrong with liking romance novels! Repeat that as your mantra if you must.

And I'm off...

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Armans said...

Problem is, you usually go to see a Romatic Comedy in a theater with someone else (hopefully a significant other). This makes it acceptable.

Romance novels, you read yourself.