Monday, February 14, 2011

Two photos

No one realizes more than I that this blog has turned sluggish, at best.  My days are filled with trying to meet a March 1st deadline of 200 pages on 'contracted book #2,' (I'm at 185!), researching gluten-free recipes, painstakingly searching the grocery stores for items that are gluten-free, and putting together a program for a spring carnival at the boys' school.  Not to mention painting a practice board for the school's newly created robotics team.  I haven't had time to blog, to read other blogs, to read actual books, or any of that good stuff.

But this weekend...I did.  I started The Orchid Affair by Lauren Willig, and so far, it's lovely.  Here's a shot of my book and a close companion.  I might have had gummi worms on the nightstand when this was taken...

Now I must go mix a myriad of previously unfamiliar flours to create some gluten-free bread.

Oh, but first, what do you think of the new author


Melissa Walker said...

Love the author photo--great setting! And I'm planning to read a bunch of Lauren Willig soon--she's on my list.

Sarakastic said...

I love the author photo too....but the mustache one sent the wrong vibe?

Stacy said...

You look beautiful and very happy.

Isn't The Orchid Affair just dreamy? It's my second favorite of the series. It'd be my absolute favorite except that Lord Vaughn is the best, so #4 stays my fave.

I wouldn't say your blog is sluggish. You update more frequently than anyone else on my blogroll.

Hope you get to catch a break soon.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Thanks you guys! You're so sweet!
Melissa, you will love the Pink Carnation series!

Sarakastic, I liked the mustache, but though it wasn't approachable.

Stacy, I couldn't possibly say which is my favorite without reading them all over again. :)

Runny Babbit said...

love that pic! very collegiate! :)