Monday, February 07, 2011

New Names!

If you thought I was revealing the final name for my book, you are, sadly, mistaken.  I still haven't gotten the final word on that, but you can bet, the minute I do, I'll be touting it here.  The pub date still seems like forever away...I got the offer at the beginning of August, and here it is February...and the book isn't coming out till next February.  My friends look at me with confusion written all over their faces, wondering, 'why so long'?  Inside, I'm wondering that too, even though I have a good understanding of the reasons.  So cover right now, and no other book news either.

The reason for the title is that, rather than always referring to my sons as 'younger' and 'older,' I have come up with some names for them here on the blog:  Gluten-Free Boy and Peanut-Free Boy.  To clarify, I have one son with celiac disease and a sensitivity to gluten, and one son with a peanut allergy.  I joked to the family this weekend that our Christmas card this year should feature PFB holding a box of Wheat Thins and GFB holding a box of Nut Thins.   Gluten-Free Boy loved the idea, and in fact, he keeps asking me if we're actually going to do it.  I told him we'd have to think of things for Butters and I to hold.  I suggested cream cheese for me, because, although Butters isn't allergic, he has an intense dislike of it.  He could hold a plate of Cinncinati chili. 

And our friends and relatives would think we were wacko.

So that's where we are.


Sarakastic said...

They sound like superheroes, love it!

Teenage Bride said...

hahahaha it would be hysterical!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

LUFF it!