Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post Christmas Drip

I'm sure you are all wondering how things are playing out in the Goodnight household these days, now that the magic of Christmas has spirited off, leaving only a gigantic mess of presents, goodies, and generic stuff.  Well I'll tell you...

1...As previously mentioned, Monday was my birthday.  Thank you, by the way, for all your good wishes.  I hope you are all still hanging around the blog in a year to see if Butters makes good on my flash mob birthday bonanza!  Anyway, I also had a cold on Monday and spent most of the day in bed trying out my Kindle.  It works good, and I've learned to like it.  A lot.  I could get addicted. While Scrabble was my first purchase, I've since bought a single book and finished it and loaded up with several Jane Austen novels, which were freebies.  Score!

2...Butters is currently helping my older son work through all the many and varied elements of his Science Fair project, which will be due in two weeks.  DREAD.  We are trying to get him motivated and steadily working this year so the last weekend will not be so hardcore.  So far, so good, I think.

3...There are little messes everywhere in this house...everywhere!  Clean one up and another one appears like magic!

4...I'm fighting valiantly to snatch a few minutes to myself to read up on the new digital SLR camera Butters got me for a birthday/anniversary gift.  If I can figure it out, it's just possible that pictures on this blog could get a LOT better.  I'm excited!

5...I'm celebrating my birthday tonight with the girls...we're playing games and hanging out...possibly in PJ's.  Unbeknownst to me until recently, I've developed somewhat of an undeserved reputation as a game player.  I suppose when I don't understand the rules of a game I get frustrated and perhaps that comes across wrong.  This happened one weekend with an alternate version of canasta and now a certain someone has coined the phase, 'Don't make me go all canasta on you!'  Referring to me!!  Just look at my profile I look like I would 'go all canasta on you?' Seriously!

And that's about it.  What are you all doing?


Sarakastic said...

Well first I'm going to steal the canasta phrase,then i'll watch some TV.

David Cranmer said...

The Kindle is addictive. I just bought three hundred Mark Twain stories for $1.99. Insane.

This weekend is our clean-up weekend around our place. My charmer has a four day break and we intend on making some progress. We need to make room for that new arrival!

I'm still polishing up a short story titled "Melanie" for a popular Old West blog. I'm biting nails over this one.

I hope you get over your cold quickly.

Teenage Bride said...

Yay for girls night! I hope it is super fun!!!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How happy of a birthday for you!
A Kindle! Lucky girl!