Monday, November 29, 2010

A Little Help??

Everytime I talk to my grandmother on the phone I ask her how she's doing.  She either answers, 'pretty good,' or 'not so good.'  And often times in the course of the phone call, after detailing a bit of her everday life, she says, 'it's not a life,' or 'I don't really have much to live for at this point.'

Naturally, I'm then forced to launch into a spirited listing of all the things she does indeed have to look forward to/live for.  It's gotten to be a bit of a joke between us.  She ends up giggling, and says, 'well if you put it that way...' which makes me feel a whole lot better.  So, I've come up with the perfect Christmas present for her.

I'm going to get her one of those planning calendars with a separate line for each day (the image is from Snapfish).  And on each and every line, I am going to write in a reason for her to stick around a while longer.  Seeing as I've got 365 days to fill, I'm hoping to get a  little help from my creative, inventive blogger friends...yes, even you lurkers have got a couple of days in you, so bring it on!

I think there might actually be a market for this sort of thing, as I was recently at my sister-in-law's baby shower, and a lady was saying how her mother says the exact same thing.  Maybe this will be the big thing next year...REASONS TO LIVE CALENDAR.  You saw it here first.

Here are a few hints about my grandmother to get you started:
She reads romance novels and does crossword puzzles.  She loves desserts, and her idea of a treat is a McDonald's hamburger, sundae, and cup of coffee.  She watches college and professional basketball (she's long rooted for the Arizona Wildcats), she lives in Houston, and she enjoyed the recent PBS showing of Sherlock.

So...anything you got.  Reasons to live, and.....GO!


mpate4 said...

I love this idea. I need one for my dad too please! ;) Here is one I like: Enjoy every day as a gift from God, that is why he called it the present! I also start each day asking God what he needs from me today, and I would not want to miss one day to serve him. When I am my most ill, I can serve him with his most powerful tool, prayer. There are always things we can do, we need to focus on those things and not what we can not do. Use your limited energy in the most positive way is something one of my dear friends said as she fought cancer. I try to remember it. There is nothing that will happen today that I can not handle together with the Lord!!
You are never too old to learn, try to learn something new today. It is a good way to cheer you up. It is more blessed to give than to receive, do something for others and feel their sunshine! Pollyanna said there are over 800 bible verses that contain the word glad or happy because God wants us to be happy daily. It would be a great thing to do one day to find them all!

Common Household Mom said...

To bring it down to a worldly level, I would say that ice cream is a good reason to stick around.

Sarakastic said...

grandbabies,sunshine,books,atms which make life terribly convenient, alyssa goodnight

you are so sweet and smart to think of this

Lucy said...

Reason to live . . . it beats the alternative!

Okay, gotta confess, in theory (and for your grandmother) this sounds like a good idea but I don't know how I'd feel if someone gave me a "Reasons to live calendar". I'd be wondering what they knew that I didn't. lol

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Thanks for all the suggestions, Mitzi!!

And definitely, ice cream will be on the list, Household Mom!

Thanks for playing, Sarakastic! ;)

I get you, Lucy, but in this case, I think it works. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Reasons to live: finding out what the hell a 5 letter word for a synonym of "tee off."

Allie said...

I love this idea. My mind has gone completely blank except that you are a pretty good reason for her to live! I will let you know if I think of anything!

Caryn Caldwell said...

What a WONDERFUL idea! Here are a few ideas:

1) Coming home from the library or bookstore with a bag full of new books to read

2) The smell of a brand new book

3) The tastes of things she likes to eat

4) Certain seasonal things, depending on what seasons she loves (the smell of snow in the air? The hush just after a snow fall? Flowers in the spring? A warm summer rain? The feel of grass between your toes? The crunch of autumn leaves beneath your feet?)

5) Petting a purring kitty or adoring dog (if she likes animals)

6) Does she volunteer? Maybe the smiles of those she helps.

7) Great grandkids, if she has any

8) Opening a new bag of coffee and smelling the beans

9) The anticipation of beginning a new crossword puzzle

10) The feeling of pride and accomplishment in finishing a crossword puzzle

11) Sunshine. Rainbows. Kittens. Babies.

12) Christmas morning

13) Christmas Eve.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Green Girl...what about 'drive'? I suppose I could write each day out as a crossword clue...that makes me tired just thinking about it. :)

Thank you, Allie, that's so sweet!

Caryn! You definitely brought it! Thanks for some great suggestions!

Barrie said...

Oh, Alyssa, you are so wonderful for doing this!

-other mysteries on KPBS
-a decent cup of coffee
-lunch out
-the suggestion on the next page :)
-a new calendar of suggestions next year :)