Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Update with Alyssa Goodnight

A small sum-up of our weekend...

Friday night we watched Hoot as a family, and it was unanimously voted a good movie. It was a little strange watching Cody Linley as a sun-tousled, barefoot do-gooder after watching him shake and shimmy on the ballroom floor in Dancing with the Stars, Season 7.

Saturday was an all-day Science Fair marathon for my husband and son...and a day of house cleaning, laundry, and distraction for me. Saturday night saw hubby and I watching the last episode of Pushing Daisies, Season 2 (for the first time). Sigh. Why on earth did they cancel that show??? Arrested Development is next on our list of shows we missed the first time around.

Also Saturday, I finished my FIRST EVER Georgette Heyer mystery, received from my parents for Christmas. All I can say is wow! That woman knew how to write dialogue. In fact, I'd venture to guess that 90% of that book was dialogue. Whew! There will be another Heyer mystery in my future.

Sunday, after church, I dragged the family to Target with me to check out eyeglass frames. I'd casually browsed through the new selection earlier in the week and found several I liked better than my current ones, which are about three years old. Hubby and I narrowed the field to two and then the boys all voted. It was unanimous--all three passing over the sensible frames for the whimsical ones, which were not among my early favorites. I'm not even exactly sure how they ended up in the running, and even now I'm second-guessing just slightly. They should arrive within the week, and at that time, I will solicit opinions on this blog. Exciting, huh?

Then late, late last night, or early Monday morning, our heater stopped working. I kept waking up wondering why I was so cold, trying to settle into a warmer position before falling back to sleep. At 6:45 when hubby finally got out of bed, it was 61 degrees in the house! I was wearing a winter hat and scarf when the repairman arrived.

Now, all is good. I've been sucked into The Lightning Thief and am eager to get back to it. Happy Monday!


Sarakastic said...

Enjoy Arrested Development, it's one of my favorites. If you don't like your glasses then you can just wear them with the sheriff mustache so no one notices the whimsy.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I wept when they canceled Pushing Daisies. And gnashed my teeth. Stupid network executives. I still cannot forgive them.

But I digress. I've never read a book by Heyer. I may have to, now. I am a sucker for good dialogue.

Just got Mr. D some anxious to see them on him!

Keri Mikulski said...

Wow.. Glad the heater is back working. Heyer is going on my TBR list. :)

Stephanie J said...

Just as I discovered Pushing Daisies they cancelled it. I can't bring myself to watch the seasons on DVD b/c I know I'll be upset at the end of it.

I'll be looking for the glasses pics. I'm all for the whimsical b/c really, why not add a little pizzazz to something you must wear all the time? I'm sure you'll look fabulous!

Caroline said...

Not sure whether you had seen or visited this but thought of you when I found it - x

Miss Chevious said...

i feel your broken heater woes. last weekend when we had the below freezing here in houston? i got home on friday afternoon to a thermostat that read 54 degrees. it took maintenance 2 hours to get to me and i was in 3 layers, complete with scarf and mittens!