Friday, September 18, 2009

A bit of friendly advice.

May I ask, when did the STOP sign get to be so baffling?? I've always understood it to be relatively straightforward. When you pull up to the posted red hexagon with the self-explanatory and succinct instruction, you follow a simple procedure:

STOP (it should go without saying)
1. Scope out your periphery.
2. Follow the first-come, first-served rule of thumb. If someone was there and waiting before you, let them go first. Then, proceed on your merry way.
3. However, if you happen to be traveling on a multi-laned road and someone in an adjacent lane has already waited their turn and starts to move through the STOP sign (and you've already come to a full and complete stop), feel free to ride his coat tails, or tail pipe as the case may be.
4. If you fail at step #3, you're simply going to have to wait until the opportunity comes around again, round robin style.

Do not anger and frustrate the drivers around you by participating in a multi-lane free-for-all, in which one of you goes, then another, then another. That will result in a complete and utter breakdown of stop sign protocol and efficiency. Not to mention common courtesy. We are not animals, and this is not rocket science.

This public service announcement is now ended.
Now envision the headache involved with three just-implemented STOP signs in a half-mile stretch and a gaggle of Texans with apparently no notion of what to make of them. Insanity!

Serenity now...

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Sarakastic said...

Same thing happened when my small town got stop signs, it would've been less hazardous for everyone to just run the sign, which they eventually did.