Friday, May 01, 2009

Tacky and Just Weird

I have to know if this is just a Texas quirk, or if the rest of the country is involved in the tackiness.

Do pick-up trucks in other, perhaps less redneck, states sport decals of a mischievous Calvin (of the dynamic cartoon duo Calvin & Hobbes) peeing on whatever it is that is irksome to the truck's owner?

This decal can manifest itself, if the truck is a Ford, as Calvin peeing on a GM logo. Or vice versa. I've been told that you're either a GM man or a Ford man here in Texas, and guys take it pretty seriously. (!) You might also see Calvin peeing on the words 'My Ex Wife'. Talk about your tacky. In a tacky competition with the 'lady' silhouettes on big-rig mud flaps, I'd say Calvin is doing just fine.

This is totally unrelated, but if Sarakastic can do it, so can I...

& Somehow I was in Target today, picking up a pair of slip-on tennis shoes for my younger son. Well Cherokee names its shoes, for example the Ashley or the Lulu, and I think it's kind of cute. But as I was perusing my receipt today, walking out of the store, I noticed that the shoes I'd bought--the little black Vans-style slip-ons had been named the Hezekiah. ????? Now I can see if they'd been worn leather sandals or lace up work boots, but really--a little black and white tennis shoe?

Made me wonder...has there been a Hezekiah hurricane yet?


Sarakastic said...

Maybe you should get decals for your car of calvin and hobbes peeing on calvin and hobbes decals. thanks for the laugh.

Kate Diamond said...

You forgot to mention the pair of blue balls people sometimes hang from their truck hitch. Always a winner!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Ah, yes, Kate, those nasty things. Don't they just make you wanna grab some bolt cutters and run amok??

Miss Chevious said...

i hate those stupid decals. almost as much as i hate those old english letters spelling out someone's last name. talk about tacky.