Thursday, January 08, 2009


Okay. I think I've put it off long enough...I need to consolidate my resolutions so that I can start working towards them. Somewhat oddly, writing doesn't feature prominantly in this year's resolutions--probably because I'm still so confused about how I want to proceed. This year's list is more domestically-oriented.

1. Make my own pickles from scratch. I already have a recipe I want to try for Sweet and Spicy Pickles. I am a BIG fan of the bread & butter pickle but thought it would be nice to have a little kick. I have no idea what inspired my desire for homemade pickles.

2. My family's dinner repetoire has stagnated. I resolve to try at least two new dinner recipes every month and, hopefully, add them to our monthly/bimonthly mix.

3. I want to get my TBR stack under control. Other than my B&N gift card (and Amazon's free shipping incentive), I'm going to try very hard not to buy any more books until I tackle the ones I have. To that end, I'm going to start carrying a little journal to make note of books I'd like to read sometime in the future.

4. I'd like to take a Girls-Only trip (I already have one planned for April).

5. I plan to decide the fate of my recently finished novel by March.

6. I vow to refocus my efforts on reserving time for pilates.

7. I intend to decide where I want to go with my writing, whether that means a change in plot, a change in genre, or a change in focus.

8. I'm considering giving knitting a try--I covet some Jane Brocket style socks.

9. I hope to re-landscape our flowerbeds to be less prickly and more inviting.

10. I'd like to spend more time outside, grilling, biking, playing, and just enjoying.

So that's it for easy year. Or at least I hope so.


Jason said...

These all sound like good resolutions. A few of mine are a little vague at the moment, but they're just areas that I want to work on, but I have to know my schedule for one, and I need to know how much money I'll be getting this semester for the other.

I like your last resolution, too. I've got a similar resolution. I want to start going out and doing things and experiencing things instead of watching TV and doing nothing.

Sarakastic said...

Im going to have to steal the tbr pile resolution, my books need their own house. Even when I was a little girl I'd watch Beauty & the Beast & think "Yeah he's a monster & all but look at those bookshelves"

Eileen said...

I love knitting socks. I got hooked on it this year and made many people socks for Christmas this year. It is the kind of resolution that keeps on giving.

Liza said...

I would love to learn how to knit. Just need someone to teach me. Of course, with as many books in my tbr mountain, I really need to focus on those.