Thursday, January 22, 2009

Preference Poll

I'm curious. While I love to get comments on my blog, I seldom post my own comments to the commenter. Is this a turn-off? If you post on someone's blog, are you hoping for a little conversation or are you just expressing your thoughts, confident that the blogger will read them?

Not only do I not banter with commenters, but I rarely think to go back to my favorite blogs to see if the blog owner has responded to my own witty commenting. No offense to anyone--it's mostly a time contraint and an uncertainty over which sort of blogger (the commenter or the non-commenter) that I'm dealing with.

So...I ask you: Do you like a little personal attention on a blog? Or do you want to just post your comment and end it? (That was intended as a vague Seinfeld reference.)

Please comment. (If you request a follow-up comment, I will provide it.)


Liza said...

I'm really bad about always responding to comments on my blog. I'm trying to do better.

I think you should only respond to comments if you have something to say.

Sarakastic said...

I rarely respond to comments on my blog because I figure that the person won't go back to the post & read them, because I don't do that when leaving a comment.

I don't know why I don't do that, mostly because I view comments as a way to make someone smile or say, I got what you wrote. Those are my favorite kinds of comments to get.

Lucy said...

Here's where I confess that what I do and what I like done are two different things. I rarely respond when comments are made on my own blog but when I post a comment on someone's blog, I like a response.

Eileen said...

I never (or rarely) go back to check to see if the blog author responded to my comment. I feel sufficiently fulfilled to have had my say. this way I can fool myself into thinking my comment had a profound impact on you.

Beck said...

If someone has posted something that I've left a more controversial or response-provoking comment on, I might go back to see if they've responded. But regular posts? No.

Marg said...

I try and respond to comments left on my blog, because that way it feels a bit more two way.

It is nice to get that same thing back,and it's definitely easier now than ever before given that most platforms enable you to receive emailed follow up comments, so you don't have to worry about remembering where you last left a comment!

Having said all that, I understand that it is not always practical or necessary for this to happen at every blog, and it comes down to personal preference!

dogsrbest said...

most of the time i don't really expect a bolgger to respond to a comment i may have made on their blog. i don't usually check back to see if they have unless it's on a "contrversial" topic, then i might. maybe. i'm kind of new to blogger so it took me awhile to figger out how to handle comments on my own blog and playing with all the new "stuff" takes time!
mostly i post comments cuz something the bloogr said touched me in someway and i want to let them know that or just make someone smile. i do wish there was spell check for the comments tho cuz i gradgeeated from dogs school of spelling...

~Virginia~ said...

i used to try and respond to comments, but figured no one would go back and read responses so i stopped. i very rarely go back to see if someone responded to my comment either.