Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Collecting the Samples

Today I had the dubious pleasure of assisting two young boys with the task of getting a urine sample. What a mix of emotions!

Squeamishness at having to be involved at all

Irritation at my little one who didn't want to do it (he'd been excited about peeing into a cup just minutes before and even asked, 'Do we have to poo into one too?' That appeared to be an even more exciting prospect).

Momentary Panic that the start/stop/start procedure would prove too much for them and they'd pee all over my hand. (Maybe I shouldn't have been holding the cup, but better that than a cup of pee slipping through their little fingers and splashing over the bathroom floor, necessitating a further waiting period before they could pee again. TMI??)

Amusement that they loved the little compartment lodged in the bathroom wall, where they had to put their sample.

and Relief when it was all over. Maybe next time they'll venture alone into the bathroom to collect their sample. One can only hope...


Stacy said...

This will make a great story when they graduate from med school, of course ;)

liz fenwick said...

brought back many memories for me - glad those days are over :-)

Barrie said...

Can I just say I have a box of disposable plastic gloves for these kinds of scenarios. :)