Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Have Flakes!

And not the wishy-washy kind--the wispy, cold-weather kind. I think this is the first time we've seen even the hint of snow in four years. I've gotta admit, every once in a while, it's kind of thrilling. We'll see how tomorrow pans out...and whether I change my tune. (Right now I have Christmas carols in my head.)

Okay, well ever since I built up the 'toilet stories', they started losing oomph in my brain--I started thinking that they weren't really all that amusing. So, I'm only going to comment on one here and that'll have to suffice. I'll be on the look-out though (not really).

So, as we were driving through Louisiana on our way back from Disney World Florida, we stopped at a little truck stop when my younger son had a bathroom emergency. I can't remember the name of the little town, but they actually had a live tiger caged some 100 feet (I admit, I'm not really good with measurements and distances, so it could have really been any distance) from the convenience store. All the boys stopped by after sprinting in to the 'outdoor, around-back' men's bathroom.

The women's restroom was inside, so I wove through the beef jerky and Funyuns to the back of the shop (I can't stop and NOT go, it's an ingrained habit) and waited. I waited for a moment as it was occupied, and then when it was my turn, I stepped through the door, trying not to let any portion of my clothing touch any portion of the bathroom, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a pair of toilets, side by side, and a mirror. Side by side toilets? No stalls, no partitions, just two toilets lined up next to each other. I could not (and still can't) think of a reason why those two toilets might ever be used in tandem. Just ick! I ran out of there giggling, caught a glimpse of the tiger and didn't look back.

And that's it. Really nothing special, huh? Well sorry about that.

In other news, I was trained in the fine art of sugar cookie cutout baking today, and I think I've got the hang of it. I bake quite a bit, but I've always been wary of the sugar cookie cutout, with its rolling and flouring and chilling and...cookie-cuttering. But no more! I've mastered it and will be happy to add it to my holiday baking repertoire.

What new talent have you mastered?


Angie Ledbetter said...

Oh my goodness! You were in Grosse Tete (Big Head), which is only about 30 mins. from me in B.R. How'd you like that long drive over the Atchafalaya River bridge?? :) I've been in that "ladies room" before and wondered the same thing. Maybe for moms who have to bring little ones with them? LOL

I mastered the slice & bake cookie rolls today!

Packsaddle said...

Wasn't that snow incredible?

You should post a photo of your winter wonderland.

I know, it was really just a dusting here where I live, but I don't remember it snowing this early here in Central Texas ever.


I have mastered the art of losing money.

~Virginia~ said...

i got more snow on the way home than anything. which, to state the obvious, is totally distracting. i'm convinced this is why god decided a long time ago that houston should never get snow. we're easily distracted. and distracted + driving = madness. which is what i encountered on the way home. my windshield wipers were STUCK to my windshield this morning! i literally had to pry them off!

Travis Erwin said...

We got a couple of inches up here in the panhandle but it's all gone now.

Sarakastic said...

I have never ever ever ever ever seen a live caged tiger at a gas station. I am missing out.

Stacy said...

You don't remember the name of the town? What if I want to go there and pee with a friend?! Good thing Angie knows.

Congrats on the snow.

Liza said...

We have snow falling right now in Nashville. Looks really wet, so it shouldn't some to anything, but it's pretty while it falls.

I have to say I can't imagine 2 toilets next to each other with no stalls. I would have left right away too.

I've mastered the art of taking many naps today. I was home recovering and loved my naptime.

Caryn Caldwell said...

How funny. This had me laughing out loud. The toilets *and* the tiger? Too funny. As for snow, none here yet, but there might be some next week. That's good, since it doesn't feel like Christmas yet, and I'm worried it'll be over by the time I start feeling it.