Thursday, September 04, 2008

Absolutely Nothing

Well we ate the green chile stew for three meals, so I suppose it was worth it--and it was quite good. Not sure how soon I'll be making it again though... I'm plowing my way through the cookies (in a good way), but the mango ice cream is no more, thanks to the sweet teeth of my husband and son.

Just a lot of general life stuff going on around here. So I have just a bit of general rambling to share...

Yesterday, while at Walmart standing in line to fill a prescription, there was a woman ahead of me in a tank top and frayed-edged blue shorts. Normally there would be nothing amiss about this, but the back of her collar appeared to have been gnawed away, and there was a blood-looking stain surrounding the chew marks. I checked her neck for injuries (from a safe distance) but didn't see anything concerning or suspicious. The kicker, though, was that despite this questionable outfit, the woman had a pristine Coach bag in her cart that must have cost $300 or more. How can she justify spending that kind of money on a purse when it might at any time be torn off her person by a mysterious blood-thirsty animal? It boggles my mind. Then again, so did her blue eyeshadow and pearly pink lipstick.

I traipsed through the Halloween candy aisle while at Walmart, picked up some mellowcreme pumpkins and a package of popcorn balls. By the time I'd exited the store, I could stand it no longer and ripped open the popcorn ball package to pull one out for immediate consumption. I assumed this would be a relatively easy project--the consumption, I mean. But let tell you I fumbled with that tightly-packed popcorn snowball, scrabbling with my teeth for purchase in a flourish of awkwardness, determined to best the beastly thing. And I did. I just hope no one saw me. And is now posting the video, 'A Woman's Attack on an Innocent Popcorn Ball' on YouTube.

That's all I have for now.


Lucy said...

OMG that was YOU on the YouTube video??? hehehehe just kidding. :)

The thing with the shirt would have been awkward because I would have wanted to know what the deal was but I guess that's not really something that would be easy to bring up.

Fun post, by the way. :)

Liza said...

I would have wanted to let the woman know she had a strange stain on her shirt.

I love the Halloween candy aisle. Popcorn balls are really great, but they packages are so hard to open.

Sarakastic said...

I always buy rice krispie treats because they seem like they'll be homemade. Then I actually open them & they resemble a brick more than food. Sadly, I've done this more than once.

Packsaddle said...

As if it's any of your business, I won that Coach bag for my wife in a very competitive poker tournament one night down in Mexico.

I gave it to Tootie the day we moved into our first trailer house together.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I must admit, Packsaddle, I couldn't stop laughing after reading your comments.

My apologies to you and the missus.

Beck said...

There, I just read the Walmart lady description to my husband, who LAUGHED. You have the most GORGEOUS, EVOCATIVE way with describing people!
Alas, I will never share your lust for popcorn balls. You eat my share.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I may just have to print out your comment, Beck, and post it on the rim of my monitor. You are so sweet--your husband too!