Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Different Approach

While casually perusing agent websites, I stumbled across something very interesting on the Donald Maass Literary Agency website. Not only are they willing to offer up a guide to 'What We're Looking For This Month', but (admittedly somewhat tongue-in-cheek), they also provide a series of working titles for which they'd like to see finished books. I've attached this month's list:

*The Anthropology of Grace

*A Sandbox Century

*Relativity Milkshake

*Destiny Devine's Tips for Debutantes

*Jezebel's Diary

*Vespers at Dawn

*The Ruins at Fiddlefern Elementary

*How to Lose at Checkers

*All the Stars in the Sky

Some of these are just crazy-weird, particularly when you consider that they are looking for fiction. Relativity Milkshake? (I do like the name Fiddlefern Elementary though.) None of these titles were sufficiently inspiring to get my creative juices flowing, but if you have a high-concept blurb for one of these, feel free to leave it in the comments--I'd LOVE to read it!


Stephanie J said...

Fiddlefern...love that! Although no particularly inspiring blurbs come to mind for me. Destiny Devine's Tips sounds like it could be great YA and How to Lose sounds like it would be some sort of memoir-like novel.

Kelley said...

I have to say, I like nearly all of the titles and they would be enough for me to pick it up and glance through the back of it.

Sarakastic said...

Relativity Milkshake chronicles two hot history professors who go on a Da Vinci Code like quest to discover Einstein's favorite ice cream flavor

Sara Hantz said...

Too early for me to come up with inspring blurbs!!!!

Trish Ryan said...

That is a really fun idea! I'll be sure to click over there when I'm at a loss for inspiration :)

Thomas said...

Per your comment on my blog a few moments ago, I generally have trouble following what you are saying, Alyssa.

Stacy said...

That summer reading list is pretty funny.

Like Kelley, I like the titles but I lack blurb ideas.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Way to step up the plate, Sarakastic! I knew I could depend on you!