Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another Movie

We had a lovely 4th weekend up at my in-laws' lake house. There was boating, tubing, yard games, a little Wii Fit, and what almost seemed like non-stop eating. Using the ice cream maker I received for Mother's Day, I whipped up both chocolate chocolate chip and cinnamon ice cream, and both went over very well. It was all very pleasant and enjoyable, and then last night we watched I Am Legend.

After seeing the commercials for this movie, I was never really entirely sure what it was about--I just knew Will Smith was supposedly the last man on earth and there was some sort of threat. Basically, I was aware it was an apocalyptic thriller. My husband, on the other hand, was unaware of this. After the movie, he made it clear that he had thought it was about re-inhabiting the human race. So I said, basically you thought this was a sexy movie? His answer was yes, he did. For some reason, I found this hilarious.

And then this morning, out of the blue, he says to me (something to this effect), 'If you were the last man on earth and found yourself for a limited amount of time in the presence of the last woman on earth, wouldn't you demand to procreate? Anything else is irresponsible.' He was quite adamant on his humanitarian responsibility. What can I say? He's a hero.

What fun did you have on the 4th?


Lucy said...

I did a whole lot of reading - and I'm not done yet! :)

~Virginia~ said...

sadly, i'm a bit over will smith. which hurts because i used to really like him. loved him in the pursuit of happiness. but it seems all he does are these futuristic kill the alien/robot/save the world type things.

didn't do much on the 4th. had a garage sale with my mom which was profitable, but mentally and physically draining. :)

Liza said...

I'm a big Will Smith fan, but haven't seen many of his movies since Pursuit of Happyness.

I got to spend the 4th with my family. It was a great weekend, but I could use one more day to recover.

Stephanie J said...

I haven't seen the movie but friends say good things so I'll go check it out!

Some family just moved back to the US from Singapore so they came to visit for the holiday. It was so relaxing...BBQing and hanging out are some of my favorite summertime activities! I only wish I'd extended my PTO and taken Thursday off!

Vicki said...

Science Guy and I had a great weekend. We pretty much just did whatever we wanted to. Read, worked outside in the yard a little (just a little), cooked out everyday and watched movies. It was great.

Oh yeah, I did some writing too. :)

Sarakastic said...

I thought the same thing when I watched I am Legend but then I thought "Will Smith is pretty" so there was a huge switch in the train of thoughts.

Kelley said...

I think your husband has an incredibly practical streak too him.

Beck said...

I think you have to go read the original I Am Legend short story, which is SO much better than the movie!
no reinhabiting the planet though, sadly.