Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Since I've been tagged for the 'Five Random Things About You' post, someone has upped to ante to insist on six things, and I've been tagged again! Seriously folks, if you've been reading this blog for any length of time at all, there's really not a whole lot about me that you don't already know. But I'll give it a try...

1. I've only ever really dated one person--my husband. I went to a few dances and was on the receiving end of some awkward kisses, but other than that, there was no one. I met my husband in high school--we went to prom together, just barely, and have been together ever since (and that's a whole other story...).

2. I never (okay, hardly ever) buy soft drinks when I eat out. I figure they're making a killing off them at $1.50-$2.50 a glass, when I can get a can (which I greatly prefer to a bottle or iced-down drink) for less than a quarter.

3. I have a small crush on Jim from The Office. Courtesy of Thomas' blog, I picked up this quote on how John Krasinski described his life if he'd followed his dream of being an English teacher:

"I go by Mr. K. I'm teaching English at a prep school in rural Connecticut. In my class, homework is not homework, it's preparation for the next day. I love teaching books that have been pigeonholed as ''epics,'' and my big thing is discovering for yourself why you like them. I'd have a lot of stuff written in some cryptic way on the whiteboard where you can't understand it until we start talking about the book. I'd throw desk supplies off bridges... I've gone out on several dates with the bio teacher. Her name is Sarah, and she's just a really great girl. I'm more gregarious than she is; she brings me into the underground indie-world stuff and I bring her sonnets. It's weird because the kids are talking about this new show called The Office and they're like, ''You guys are so much like Pam and Jim!'' and I'm like, ''I don't have a TV. Sorry, I'm not into pop culture stuff.''

Imagine...Jim, as an English teacher...

4. One day I'm going to dredge up the nerve to go river-rafting with my boys. (Assuming the little chickens can also dredge up the nerve required).

5. I intend to get my website/blog redesigned by the end of this summer. The gauntlet is officially thrown down!

The rules (from Catherine's blog):

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Sarakastic said...

I wonder if John would go for a girl named Sara I have a lot of indie music

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Sooo cute about you and your husband... Awww...! Now see, I didn't know that before!

~Virginia~ said...

i kind of take the opposite view on soda ordering. i know they're making a killing, so i order the smallest to-go cup and then get my money's worth by refilling like a crazy woman! :)