Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Chip Off The Old Blogger...

I am no longer the only blogger in my family. My older son has taken to blogging with great enthusiasm and gusto, and if I didn't stop him, he'd post several times a day. (He's already told me that on the weekend he'll have plenty of time for blogging, because there's no school.)

My sister-in-law has created a 'network' of sorts for her family and friends (probably while she should have been working on her dissertation), and she is obsessed with it. She's constantly trying to get us to add pictures, post events, chat, blog, and just generally 'hang out' in this network forum. I've resisted for several months, but finally, this weekend, I posted some pictures to the network and jazzed up the look of our 'page', etc.

Well my son loved being able to post pictures and type silly captions for them, and since I didn't want the network to get overloaded with pictures of my family (particularly any goofy ones of me), I suggested he write a blog post instead.

He loved it. His first post consisted only of a couple of sentences (he is in second grade after all), but at the end, he posed a 'getcha talkin' question for everyone. 'Do you like books too?' I notified my mom and mother-in-law (both sucked into the network) that he would be blogging daily, and would like to see comments from them, and they've complied, although with not quite as much attentiveness as he would like. In their defense though, who has time to check a blog and comment and recomment and then comment again on a daily basis? Maybe grandmas should--maybe I should get on them about slacking with regard to this thrilling new blog. This morning's topic was 'Our Backpacks', and yesterday he posted about 'New Underwear'.

I expect very good things.


Stephanie J said...

That's so great that your son is getting involved in the blog world at an early age. Just think of what he'll learn. And as he's so young your not in danger of needing the "what not to post" chat as much as if her were, say, a 16 yr old, lol.

Ah, family connectedness!

Sally Lawton said...

Ah that's so sweet. He's obviously following in his mother's footsteps!! x

Travis Erwin said...

That's cool. I'll bet he comes up with some interesting things to say. I love to see how kids minds work.

Beck said...

Hee, backpacks and new underwear. Awesome.